Con-Serv Water Wise Systems

Con-Serv Water Wise Systems
September 17, 2015 Josie Duroux
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Versatile. Enduring. Inspiring.

Why I love Con-Serv Showers……..

One of my favourite features of a Con-Serv shower is the ability to mix and match showering components to create a customized showering experience.

Con Serv Water Wise Systems

Select from Twin Water combinations, handheld, slide rail or overhead shower options. Con-Serv showers feature unique elements specific to Con-Serv, including Interchange® Spigot Connections for no-fuss installation, Clicklock™ shower arms with anti-droop mechanism and handheld showers featuring swiveling hoses for enhanced maneuverability.

Con- Serv opens your eyes to a world of water saving sophistication with products born of over 30 years’ experience in water conservation and design.

Con Serv Water Wise Systems

Con-Serv warrants all of its products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all mechanical parts from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal use in a domestic installation.

All showers 3 Star – 9 L/min rated as per WELS license number 0046.

There really is a Con-Serv shower to suit everyone!

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