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The Cooks network of stores range a huge selection of PVC for sewer, stormwater, trade waste and water applications.

All of our stores stock a wide range of sewer and stormwater pipe + fittings up to 375mm. Further to this we stock 100mm + 150mm Blue Pipe, 110mm + 160mm HDPE, white pressure pipe to 100mm.

Below is a useful pipe chart for quick reference on sizing.

For full details of PVC systems the following links to the supplier websites should answer all your enquiries.

Pipe O.D. Table*

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*(Pipe O.D.’s based on the average of minimum and T.O. maximum manufacturers tolerances)

Supplier Links & Reference Specifications

  • Black Max – Stormwater System
  • Profit Hot + Cold Water System
  • Blue PVC (M-PVC)
  • DWV
  • Electrical Conduit
  • Stormwater
  • Traps, Bath Connectors, etc
  • Under-Sink Boiling and Chilled Water (On Tap Series)
  • Wall Mounted Boiling Water (Laser)

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