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Staff Profile

Staff Profile
March 24, 2020 Web Sales
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Staff Profile – Meet Renee…..

What is your role at Cook’s and what does it encompass?
Showroom Consultant – I help our retail and trade clients find the right product to suit their needs.

Where are you based and how long have you worked for Cook’s?
Based at the Castle Hill Showroom, and I have worked with Cook’s since July 2019.

Did you come from the industry?  If so how many years in the industry? If not, what is your background?
I started my career in Manufacturing as a Procurement Coordinator back in 2008.  This opportunity lead to the Plumbing & Construction industry in 2014, and I have been in many roles from Service Coordinator, Junior Estimator, Contracts Administrator and an Office Manager.

What do you enjoy most about your job – what do you like about working for Cook’s?
I enjoy using my plumbing and product knowledge to help our clients with their needs. I like working for Cook’s because they give me the chance to use the knowledge I have gained over the years and put it to good use.

Why should a customer buy from you/your store?
We pride ourselves on customer service at Castle Hill, and we – as a team – strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Share something about you with the Customers they may not know.  What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?
I used to be a volunteer Fire Fighter with the NSW Rural Fire Service.  My hobbies are fishing and photography.

What do you offer your customers that is better than other suppliers?
I offer each one of our clients commitment to seeing their vision to fruition.

Who is your favourite NRL team and player?

Tea or coffee?  Coffee, LOTS of coffee
Sweet or savoury?  Definitely sweet
Summer or Winter?  Summer
Music or movies?  Movies
Dogs or cats?  Neither

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