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EZIPEX® Slide Gas

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All Cook’s stores carry a full range of the popular EZIPEX® Slide Gas pipe system.

The EZIPEX® Slide Gas system was developed at the request of plumbers, gasfitters and builders who were seeking a high quality yet cost-effective composite pipe system for use withnatural or propane gas.


EZIPEX® Slide Gas joins EZIPEX® Slide, EZIPEX® Crimp & EZIPEX® Gas to provide a total solution for all water and gas applications.

The EZIPEX® Slide Gas system uses a premium quality PE-ALPEX composite pipe and DZR brass fittings. This combination provides a flexible, lightweight and corrosion resistant system. The fittings used in the EZIPEX® Slide Gas system are common to the fittings used as the EZIPEX® Slide Water system, giving the convenience of using the same fittings for both gas and water installations.

All installations should be carried out by an appropriately licensed tradesperson and in full accordance with the EZIPEX® Slide Gas installation guidelines, the relevant Australian standards and any additional local authority requirements. When installed subject to the above conditions the EZIPEX® Slide Gas system will provide years of trouble-free service.

For more detailed information and the EZIPEX®
 Slide Gas product range, download the file below:


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