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Ahhh, the kitchen. The hub, the heart and the hearth of the family home. That special place where everyone seems to gravitate to, at one time or another. Just ahead of the bathroom, the kitchen is the household’s centerpiece that makes the all-important first impression for friends, relatives and visitors. This is where one inspired idea from Cook’s range of contemporary kitchen sinks and faucets can transform a kitchen – with practicality and a design ‘wow factor’ that survives the test of time… and the test of the busiest of household kitchens.

  • The Villa range is a timeless
    yet modern design with circular profiles to soften it’s sharp angles.

    Villa Sink Mixer

    The Villa range is a timeless, yet modern design with circular profiles to soften it?s sharp angles. - 35mm cartridge - Flexible soft PEX hoses for surpreme durability - Silicone aerator prevents limescale - Swivel outlet - WELS 4 star rated 7.5L/min - Chrome finish